The wider objectives of the project are:

To further the Bologna Process for a Europe of Knowledge by developing Information Literacy (IL) programs for use in curricula in HE
and society at large

To create, with librarians and faculty, curriculum-integrated IL programs (embedded in the three cycle system bachelor/master/doctorate)

to support quality assurance and recognition of qualifications for the development of lifelong learning in higher education and in society at large

These innovative programmes and technologies will benefit all stakeholders such as undergrad and postgrad students, librarians, academic staff, ministries, national and public libraries, local communities, non-academic members and society organisations.

Libraries and information literacy (IL) are a precondition for lifelong learning, Knowledge Economy, labour markets and a key to fulfilling the Lisbon strategy of making the EU the most competitive economy in the world.

The specific objectives are:

To develop IL programs for lifelong learning as part of the DIREKT Curriculum for Information Literacy

To develop innovative IL online modules for lifelong learning.

To ensure the harmonisation of the IL programs with those currently active in the RF, KZ, CN

To strengthen the capacities of Higher Education Institutions for the strategic planning and implementation of IL programs to instill transferable skills for a competitive, dynamic, knowledge-based economy

To develop an IL policy, guidelines, goals, mission

To disseminate the approaches to IL development and to ensure their exploitation and sustainability

To develop IL in society through strong involvement of non-academic partners, Associate Partners and society organisations

While the DIREKT project and Curriculum is primarily concerned with developing IL and library skills, the programmes will also feature one module “Information Literacy & Academic Writing” (module 7) because, as is agreed internationally by experts, both disciplines are inseparable. As explained well by Kimmins and Stagg (2009) “effective writing and presentation skills are diminished if used to share flawed or incomplete information, hence before good academic writing is dependent on the learner achieving a good level of Information Literacy”.

DIREKT will address critical problems and gaps that exist in University services provision  leading to modern, relevant & accessible library and information services for all learners. Problems are such as the need to develop IL skills for successful integration into the international academic community (MHRU 2014) and the complete lack of quality academic writing regulations and standards (KSU 2014), poor awareness of Information Literacy and plagiarism issues (BIT 2016). The DIREKT Curriculum will lead to a change in this situation because in breadth,  scale, quality and relevance it will be the first programme of its kind held in these countries to address the Information Literacy training needs of librarians and academic staff with transfer to students and all other stakeholders.



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