DIREKT Online Information Literacy Module Platform

The DIREKT Online Information Literacy (IL) Module Platform from Springshare, is one of the
key deliverables in the DIREKT project to ensure the sustainability of the DIREKT project
results and for promoting the importance of Information Literacy in the Partner Countries
into the future. The Platform, which is a product of Workpackage four of the DIREKT project,
offers our Partners in Russia, China and Kazakhstan a highly inventive, innovative and
unique collaborative treasury of information literacy (IL) resources, expert content in the IL
field and library related content. As was envisaged in the original project application, the
Platform both enriches and supports the highly innovative eight module DIREKT Curriculum
for Information Literacy that is being taught physically in classrooms in the Partner
Countries, and is a vitally important online presence which supports the eight module

The Platform has made the highly innovative LibGuides function available to our Partners in
Russia, China and Kazakhstan. LibGuides is an easy-to-use content management system
deployed at thousands of universities and libraries worldwide. Owing to the delivery of the
DIREKT Online IL Module platform in the project, Librarians and other staff in the Partner
Countries can use LibGuides to curate knowledge and share information, organize class and
subject specific resources, and create and manage content, resources and websites. The
DIREKT project partners can now increase their usage of their Information Literacy and
library resources and content and effectively and actively market their Information literacy
programmes and initiatives as well as their library services using LibGuides. The Platform
also has its impressive “LIbAnswers” functionality which enables Libraries to ensure their
library users get the answers they need, whenever and wherever.

The Platform offers the DIREKT project partners unique and immense possibilities to
collaborate both with partners in the DIREKT project Consortium from Russia, China and
Kazakhstan as well as the entire international community. The Partners can now use
Springshare’s international network of over 6,000 libraries in 82 countries and over 130,000
librarians to deliver quality content in the Information Literacy and Library and Information
Science (LIS) field. The Platform makes available to the Partners, key tools and resources
which allows them to write, develop and share IL content between the consortium partners
and importantly with the assistance and technical support of Springhare.

The partners can use the extensive knowledge base of information and library related
materials available via Springhare and their international library community. The partners
can use these resources in a highly dynamic and interactive way and in a process that is
Partner Country led. Owing to the delivery of this highly significant and far reaching
platform in the project, the Partners can now lead the writing of content, the design,
copying and sharing of content and the reusability of IL and Library related resources into
the future, depending on their needs and the needs of the particular institution or



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