Project activities/developments:

The DIREKT project commenced with the Project Kick Off- PMC meeting held in Petrozavodsk (Nov 2016) in conjunction with ESP training. At the Kick Off meeting criteria and procedures for communications between partners, management and decision making structures and the functions of the Working Groups and Local Committees, and local project coordinators have been agreed. All partners signed the Consortium agreement which ruled relations, methods of cooperation, disagreements, planning meeting agenda and the identification and agreement of control procedures as well as problem solving procedures.

Preparation in the project involves the implementation of intensive, in depth  Information Literacy Needs detection + Competency mapping; IL Strategic Review.

The Development phase of the DIREKT project commences with ESP Training (Information Literacy, Library and Academic Writing terminology) followed by the preparation of an ECTS Module Training Programme using the EU Tuning Method. This is followed by DIREKT Curriculum Training in Limerick, Piloting of DIREKT Curriculum + Evaluations 1 + 2 of the Pilot.

Quality will be ensured through the formation of the Evaluation Working Group (EWG) comprised of 5 experts in quality contol and monitoring as well as the evaluation of the  DIREKT Curriculum and Quality Assurance (QA) reports. Dissemination/sustainability activities include the Public Presentation of the DIREKT project in PC’s, National IL  Awareness Seminars in RF, KZ, CN,  DIREKT modules testing and integration,  the DIREKT Online Platform, Final Project Conference & an Awareness Seminar.

The plan is to develop training programmes supported by ECTS modules (both hard copy in script form and online on the project website platform) and embedded in curricula in the PC universities as well as the involvement of other stakeholders such as National/Public Libraries to ensure maximum transfer effect to society at large.

Training Content and Pedagogical Approach:

In each case, the required methodological approaches needed with respect to how to teach are determined and meeting the needs of main stakeholders.  In this way, each partner designs bespoke training programmes to best meet their target market (i.e., academic + library staff, students, student teachers, policy makers, public librarians, etc) enabling flexible and responsive solutions that stem from an agreed set of principles and enabling all needs of PC universities to be addressed. The pedagogical approach stresses a communicative and skills teaching approach. Following our needs analysis of the Information Literacy/Library/Academic Writing situation in the PC countries the following modules were identified which form the DIREKT Curriculum:

Online modules will be created for each PC institution in the project and localised for the needs of the particular country, area or institution to complement regular classes using a blended learning approach involving the use of online assessment exercises and active learning.

We will be mindful of measurable indicators such as numbers of Library/Academic staff/students attending the courses and successful embedding and integration of IL into curricula at PC institutions.



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