Constantine the Philosopher University (UKF)

Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre, Slovakia (UKF v Nitre) offers a variety of study programmes at bachelor, master and doctoral level. In addition to its strong tradition in training of teachers for primary and secondary schools, UKF also offers study programmes for future social workers, experts for cultural organizations and institutions, political scientists, catechists, journalists, archaeologists, historians, musicologists, biologists, environmentalists, mathematicians, physicists, computer scientists, psychologists, gemmologists and other professionals.

Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre (UKF v Nitre) includes the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Social Sciences and Health Care, and the Faculty of Central European Studies.

The University Library is a scientific, information, bibliographic, coordinating, and advisory center to support the teaching and research processes at the University. The library and information services are provided to teachers and scientists, doctoral students, students of all forms of study and other professionals. The University Library provides inter-library loan services, international inter-library loans, advisory and reference services, and bibliographic and research services. The University Library collection consists of approximately 228 709 books and the Library has approximately 15 087 readers.  Publications (books, study materials, journals etc.) can be searched via the University Information System. The University has licensed access to external sources of information:  Scopus, Knovel, ProQuest, EBSCO Publishing, licensed databases (NISPEZ) and other databases freely accessible on the Internet such as the online catalogue of the University Library, the Slovak National Bibliography, the Czech National Bibliography as well as the database of publishing activities of the University staff.


Dr. Eva Reid

doc. PhDr. Božena Horváthová, PhD.

doc. PhDr. Katerina Gajdáčová Veselá, PhD.

Univerzita Konštantína Filozofa v Nitre (UKF v Nitre)

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