Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU)

IKBFU is the educational, research, and cultural center of the RF exclave. Being a federal University IKBFU is aimed at internationalization and adaptation of the best practices of leading world universities. IKBFU participates (or has participated recently) in the following international programs and projects: Erasmus Mundus Triple III External Cooperation Window; Erasmus Mundus Aurora — Towards Modern and Innovative Higher Education; Tempus Programme – Promoting Sustainable Excellence in Testing and Assessment of English (PROSET); Tempus programme – Extended three-level competence-based educational programme in the field of Applied Marine Sciences; ENPI Russia Action Program 2009 of the EU “EU4U: Establishment of the EU Centre at the University; IKBFU participates in several international projects including “Russia and Europe: Past, Present, and Future”.

The IKBFU library was opened in 1948 and serves more than 16000 readers. It includes more than 640 000 books and other print materials. It also has subscriptions to many electronic data bases and library sources, including IEEE Xplore, Grebennikon, MathSciNet, WILEY, Nature Publishing Group, etc. The Library regularly holds seminars aimed at enabling students to use e-sources (in Russian and English). Moreover, it serves as a platform for students’ projects (like BiblioNight, AstroNight, StART Night, etc.) and boasts 21 valuable items of the famous Wallenrod Library collection.

The Library is active on the international level having cooperation links with libraries in Germany, GB, Sweden, Denmark, France, Poland and Lithuania.


Dr. Natalya Milyavskaya

Head of the Division for International Programmes

Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (IKBFU)
14. A. Nevskogo St., 236016 Kaliningrad, Russia

Phone: +7-4012-313399

Mobile: +7-9052460055

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Skype: Milyavskaya.Natalya


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