National Electronic Information Consortium (NEICON)

Non-for-profit Partnership National Electronic-Information Consortium ( is a legal juridical body registered according to the Russian legislation. NEICON, as a community-based organization, started its activities in 1999 and was founded officially in 2002 by 3 major Russian libraries: Russian State Library, National Library of Russia and Library for Foreign Literature.  According to NEICON, the main goal of its activity is the support of Russian culture, education and research by providing access to quality scholar information in e-form within the framework of the System of information support of Russian science and education.

Being a truly national library consortium NEICON currently comprises 1050 members: 40% universities, 40% research institutes and 20 % public libraries.  Geography of NEICON members covers more than 120 cities and regions.  NEICON is a member of the international organizations EIFL and ICOLC and also of a number of Academic Library Advisory Boards.

Since its beginning NEICON has executed many projects and contracts including those by OSI, Ford Foundation and the Ministry for Culture of Russia. Since 2005, NEICON has been communicating closely with the Ministry of Education and Research of Russia executing contracts on the development of Russian research and HE community.

The NEICON consortium annually provides about 40-50 trainings all over Russia for its nearly 900 member institutions.  Staff provides teaching in universities and research institutes. NEICON has launched its own Learning Center ( and developed several packages on IL. NEICON annually organizes 3 international conferences on librarianship


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National Electronic Information Consortium (NEICON)
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