The duration of the project is three years. During this time we will undertake the following activities described in the timeline below in order to achieve aims and objectives of DIREKT project.

1.1        Training and general Library Needs Detection + Competence Mapping

1.2        Strategic review of Information Literacy

2.1        English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Training

2.2        Guidelines for Planning IL Programs

2.3        Preparation of ECTS Module Training Programme using EU Tuning Methods

2.4        Defining IL Program Harmonised Contents

3.1        Defining training of IL Practitioners

4.1        Agreement Library Online Module Guidelines and Process

4.2        Development and Delivery of the  Online IL Modules

5.1        Project Management and Evaluation

5.4        Quality Assurance Reports

6.1        Public Presentation of the Project

6.5        DIREKT Online Platform

7.1        DIREKT Project Coordination Reports

7.2        Project Management Plan and Structures Agreed


2.5        Guidelines for IL Program Harmonised Contents

2.6        Production of IL program Harmonised Materials

3.2        Guidelines for Training of IL Practioners

3.3        DIREKT Curriculum Training

3.4        Pilot 1 of DIREKT Curriculum

4.2        Development and Delivery of the Online IL Modules


5.4        Quality Assurance Reports

6.2        Mass Media Campaign- Nationa  IL Awareness Days implemented by DIREKT  IL Action Group

6.5        DIREKT Online Platform

7.1        DIREKT Project Coordination Reports

7.3        Intermediate Review of Project Management

3.4        Pilot 1 of DIREKT Curriculum

3.5        Pilot 2 of DIREKT Curriculum

4.2        Development and Delivery of the Library Online Modules

5.2        Evaluation of Pilot 1

5.3        Evaluation of Pilot 2

5.4        Quality Assurance Reports

6.3        Models and DIREKT Training Methods Dissemination

6.4        Sustainability – DIREKT modules are tested, adjusted, integrated

6.5        DIREKT Online Platform

6.6        Final DIREKT Project Conference

7.1        DIREKT Project Coordination Reports

7.4        Final Review of Project Management



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